Finding a Manufacturer

Posted by Joan Tofteland on

Last week I left off with finding a manufacturer...I knew I wanted my manufacturer based out of LA as that is where I was living at the time and it would be so easy to go to their office in person.  I actually googled manufacturers and did some due diligence with emails and phone calls and decided to go with Indie Source that was based in downtown Los Angeles, just a five minute drive from where I lived.  I started working with the product development team; showing them my designs and what styles I wanted to bring to life. 

They loved my idea of a tall women's clothing line as they said there are not many options out there for tall women. We agreed on starting with a collection of eight pieces which included classy and timeless pieces in a wardrobe. Nowadays the styles from past to present are worn everyday; I say "forget the rules, if you like it wear it".  

Up next...sourcing fabric...until next time...

Stay safe and healthy...


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